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Products > LED Light Series > LED Disco Light > 600w sparkular machine
Product name : 600w sparkular machine
Item : LD-077B
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600W Electronic intelligent no gunpowder cold fireworks stage wedding flame machine stage spray machine cold flame spray spark machine LD-077B
Product model: LD-077B
Input power: AC220V±10% 50HZ
Working power: 600W; 2.8A
Working temperature: -10 ~ 50 degrees
Chassis material: flame retardant ABS
Spray height: 2m~5.0m, different consumables have different spray heights
Communication interface type: dual DMX interface
Power interface type: Dual AC power interface
Size: 256*218*310mm
Weight: 8.8kg

The stage sprayer is the latest generation of smoke-free, fire-free, fire-fighting machines that use upgrade technology and use standard DMX communication for control. Integrating mechanical, electronic, intelligent control, electromagnetics and aerodynamics, it has changed the traditional cold fireworks concept and the traditional gunpowder fireworks principle, completely solving the problems of traditional fireworks unsafe, environmentally friendly, and narrow application range. The product has strong safety, simple operation, high brightness, small smoke, environmental protection and no pollution, and can strongly enhance the rendering atmosphere of the scene, which is favored by the dancers and festive places.
1. Small size and easy to use.
2. The fireworks are high and the effect is amazing.
3. Professional special materials, durable and not easy to damage.
4. Intelligent digital control, safety and environmental protection, zero pollution.
5. Low-power cycle, flexible, with the start and stop of the notes, low cost.
6. Can be used indoors, non-toxic and harmless.

The product has seven characteristics of safe and no gunpowder, zero environmental pollution, digital control, low consumption, simple operation, low installation cost and no hidden danger of transportation. It represents a new direction for the future stage.
Noise emission
The noise of the sprayer does not exceed 80 decibels and does not cause any harm to the ears. Do not wear ear protectors when working next to the sprayer.

Clean up
After the performance, you should observe whether there is any nodulation in the spray port. If it is, it needs to be cleaned up. The nodulation will affect the spray effect and even damage the spray machine.
After the performance, the remaining material in the hopper of the spray machine should be poured out, and the remaining material should be stored in a dry and sealed environment. Then use the clearing function to remove the remaining material of the sprayer (or directly open the spray machine until there is no The flower is sprinkled for 30 seconds and then stopped).

Consumables considerations
1) If the consumables are accidentally ignited, they can only be covered with sand and the air is isolated until it is extinguished.
2) Consumables should be stored in a dry and sealed environment to prevent moisture.

              DMX Control

1st channel



Spray OFF


Spray ON

2nd channel



Consumable cleaning


Emergency stop


Warm-up OFF


Warm-up ON

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